The Bachelor NZ

I don't really watch much television. And when I do, it's usually not reality TV.  But despite this, I found myself watching parts of The Bachelor NZ - Season 1.  Art was a total babe, (yes, I had a wee crush) and I became transfixed watching him find love with Matilda.  It was like a modern day fairytale.

I wanted that fairytale, so when applications opened for season 2, I jumped at my chance.  I naively thought that I could find a potential Prince Charming, with the nation watching. Whoever they picked to be the Bachelor had to be an amazing guy, right?  I had a definite idea of the kind of man I thought would be waiting for me when I got out of that Suzuki Swift and lets just say my expectations were not met... Before the end of the first cocktail party, my wee bubble about how amazing and authentic my bachelor experience was going to be, had burst.  

For nearly 2 months, I felt locked in a nightmare.  Not being able to leave the house, sleeping on the floor, not enough food, and days with no running water, limited contact with the outside world and producers mind f*cking you into thinking you have feelings for a guy that, in real life, lets be honest, you would never have looked twice at.  I started to feel more like I was on 'Survivor', not a show where I could potentially find my soul mate. I started to lose sight of myself and how I actually felt - I was an emotional wreck, crying for pretty much no reason and just wanting to go home but being told that I'd regret it if I left and that "you have a real connection."  Deep down I knew from the first night there was nothing and never would be, but it took not receiving the rose and getting sent home, flooded with an overwhelming sense of relief, for me to actually admit this to myself. Not the fairytale I had hoped but there is a silver lining - I made some amazing friends.  I have days were do I regret being on the show but then I think of the wonderful girls I now have my life, and know that it was worth it purely for the lifelong friendships made.

Anyway, onto the most recent season of the Bachelor NZ.  Kudos to Mediaworks for finding a much more genuine guy this time around.  Zac gets nervous, he blushes when he talks to or kisses the girls, and actually seems to care about them - he seems a lot more human and real in his interactions and emotions.  After the final last night, him and Viarni do seem to have potential for a real relationship but I guess time will tell.

Although Zac is an improvement, I've found season 3 a tad lack lustre and even a bit boring at times (and yes, it could possibly be because I was personally more invested while watching last season). Don't get me wrong, this season has definitely had its moments and I love some of the girls (the ones I've met are all amazing) but it just seemed to be missing something.

I do really feel for the girls - I've been in their shoes and know its not easy.  Editing can completely alter or take something you did or said out of context.  Not to mention the emotional drain of being isolated from friends and family.  It's enough to make anyone start to appear crazy on screen.  So although I may not have enjoyed this season as much, I have so much respect for all the girls for giving it a shot and putting themselves out there, and hope they had a better experience than I did.