Bacon & Egg Pie

There's something comforting about pie.  Whether you're hungover, heart broken, having a bad day or just feeling like something delicious, pie can definitely help make you feel warm and happy inside.

Last weekend, I felt like bacon and egg pie.  The wet weather had left me craving something hearty and warm (I also may have had a clean out of the freezer and found some pastry and bacon that needed using).

After a quick google for "best bacon and egg pie", I came across Chelsea Winter's Bacon and Egg Pie.  The comments were all raving about how good it was - one lady even claiming a marriage proposal after feeding her significant other this pie haha.   Recipe in hand, I put my apron on and prepared to spend the afternoon in the kitchen.

The recipe was super easy to follow (note: I did leave out the lemon zest - couldn't quite put lemon and bacon and egg together in my head).  And after an hour in the oven, I had a perfect looking bacon and egg pie.  I'm always a little nervous cutting into bacon and egg pies - in the past mine have been under cooked and runny egg has oozed everywhere.  Not ideal. However, success! This one was perfectly cooked. 


Although it didn't get me any marriage proposals (which lets be honest, would have been weird considering the only people to eat it were my sister and very recent boyfriend), it was sure one good pie! The boyfriend even said it was the best bacon and egg pie he'd ever eaten... although that could just be so I keep cooking for him. 

Ceri xx