Bright Colours

During my first year of uni, one of my good friends convinced me to dye my hair dark.  "With your blue eyes, dark hair will make you look like Megan Fox!" Lies.  Total Lies.  I looked nothing like Megan and the harsh, dark colour did nothing for my skin tone.  The cute boy down the hall from me asked if I was wearing a wig.  People began to question on a daily basis if I was feeling unwell.  I had made a terrible, terrible mistake.  I also became aware of how much black clothing I owned, which had never seemed an issue when I had bright blonde hair.  Dark clothing and dark hair can definitely work for a lot of people - unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them. Suddenly, I was unintentionally rocking a pretty emo look.

Faced with forking out a small fortune to return to my former blonde, the easier solution seemed to invest in some more colourful wardrobe choices..  Black had always been a safe option - slimming and went with everything. But to avoid looking like a member of the undead, I really did need some colour. 

Once I finally got my hair back to blonde, I continued to wear colours.  Bright colours make me happy.  I feel like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.  When you walk into a room wearing bright shades, everyone seems to notice. People are naturally drawn to colour.  Like a bouquet of flowers, colourful clothing can bring us into a more positive mood.

A few months ago, I started working part-time at the Newmarket Augustine store, which has further fostered my love of colour.  I love being able to help other woman discover this love too.  It's a great feeling seeing a woman leaving the store looking and feeling beautiful and confident in a new vibrant garment. Kelly Coe (the superwoman behind Augustine) specialty is definitely bright stand out, beautiful fashion.

Don't get me wrong, I still love a good classic little black dress and I still have a number of black clothes. But my wardrobe definitely resembles more of a rainbow now, instead of looking like it bleongs to someone from the Adams family.

Ceri xx

Wearing a beautiful bright Augustine top at work

Wearing a beautiful bright Augustine top at work